Relocation Services

Are you a professional relocating to DC, Cleveland, Columbus or Pittsburgh? We can pick up, deliver and assemble your new IKEA furniture and have everything ready before you officially move in- we'll arrange entry with your property manager and leave everything spotless clean, and remove all cardboard and packaging materials. We will help you place your IKEA order directly with the store. 


Having us pick up your IKEA order means that we can inspect each box or package and immediately return and exchange any items that have obvious damage before even loading them on the truck. This is the best way to eliminate delays due to damaged pieces. If IKEA's contracted shipper delivers your items and something is found to be damaged, you would have to wait until they pick up the damaged piece and redeliver a new one. We've heard of waits as long as 3 weeks, and not just with IKEA. The typical contract delivery team simply does not have the time to thoroughly check each order, and mix ups are common, but not deliberate.




We can receive and warehouse your order until your new home is ready for us to deliver and assemble it. For example, you could purchase items from amazon and have the items shipped to our facility. We'll hold your items until your new home is ready, then we'll arrange for entry with your property manager, set up your items, remove all cardboard, all for one price.




We can handle your move from start to finish, anywhere between Ohio and Washington DC.

Services include:

Disassembly, preparation and packing of wall units, entertainment units, wardrobes, etc.

Reassembly and installation of furniture and wall mounted items

Professional mounting of artwork

Clean, newer trucks with clean mover's blankets and equipment

Professional, non smoking staff

We care about what we do and will treat your items with the utmost of care and respect.


We are fully insured! We accept all major credit cards


To receive a free no obligation quote, please call Erik Gustav at 614.483.7110