We strive to offer the highest grade service possible for all my clients. You will have a superior value as opposed to using IKEA's assembly services as their pricing strategy simply does not permit the time and attention to detail your project needs. Your furniture purchase is an investment and should be assembled in a precise and professional manner. To serve you in the most timely manner possible, we suggest that you contact us directly and schedule your assembly in advance of expected delivery.

Why purchase IKEA furniture?

 IKEA is the absolute best value in "knock down" furniture. Compare the quality of IKEA to any other and see for yourself. IKEA kitchens, for example, use the best hardware available for doors and drawers, all made by Blum. IKEA also has excellent customer service and provides a quick response for any pieces missing or damaged upon opening the box. If you have not yet been to an IKEA store, you are missing out on a unique shopping experience!

Why Erik Gustav? Why not use IKEA's Home Assembly service?

We secure your order for you- no more waiting for someone at IKEA to finally pick up the phone. Handle your order with us right over the phone!

Know EXACTLY when to expect us- no more "4 hour window" for delivery!

IKEA contracts with various "national assembly" firms who provide other third party people.

Unlike IKEA's assembly service, we offer "white glove" professional assembly service. We allow ample time to perform a complete and thorough assembly- with no excuses or additional charges. All for one price.

We carefully schedule our jobs to make sure there is ample time between assembly appointments to give you the absolute best in service. Your furniture is carefully and professionally assembled, cleaned, and vacuumed, leaving your new furniture ready to use. Cleanliness is very important to me in my home, and I'm sure it's important to you.

Tools and drills are only used for in home assembly and are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent stains on carpets and rugs

Your new furniture is wiped down with clean cloths 

All cardboard removed outside for you, or you have the option of having us dispose of it for you- contact us for more details.

We also carry extra hardware in the event there is a shortage to guarentee that your assembly will be completed. Also, we can drill for cord and electrical access if required.

Please call or email to request a quote- include a list of the items you wish to have assembled as well as any special details you would like considered.

A word about wall mounted furniture and cabinetry...

We take safety very seriously...When we install a BESTA wall unit, IKEA kitchen, or anything that's mounted to a wall, we make absolutely sure that it's mounted securely and that it will stay up. We carry the right hardware for each type of wall material, whether your walls are masonry, drywall with wood studs, drywall with steel studs, or plaster and lathe. In addition, we are fully insured for your protection.


We serve the following areas:


Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo, Geneva, Youngstown, Warren, Sharon 

Columbus/Central Ohio

Pittsburgh, Washington, Harrisburg, State College, Altoona, Warren

Wheeling, Huntington WV

Washington DC

Cincinnati Ohio, Northern Kentucky

We provide the following services to all our clients regardless of distance:


Processing/order procurement,Store pick up & delivery to home or business

Assembly, placement & wall mounting

Kitchen measuring, design, assembly and installation

Disassembly & moving of your IKEA furniture and wall units